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Lockout in Port of Gothenburg, development

Lockout in the Port of Gothneburg

The lock out in the Port of Gothenburg that APM Terminal has advised is n ow in full effect and as a consequence of the limited capacity is that shipping lines now re –rout their feeders to other ports in Gothenburg and the Maersk direct call has been cancelled. This means that containers consigned to Gothenburg van end up in other Swedish port with possible delays and there can also be port rents in transshipment ports since containers can be long standing waiting for space on suitable feeder vessel. Shipping lines has also increased the congestion fee charged for containers arriving to Gothenburg. Levels vary from shipping line to shipping line and costs I between USD/EUR 100-150 for 20’ containers and the double amount for 40’ containers.
We monitor the development and will keep you updated. We are sorry for the inconvenience with delays and extra costs such as domestic transports, terminal handling, rents and so one that might occur because of the conflict. The extra costs that occurs due to the conflict will be charged on our clients.

Latest information iaboput the conflict from APM Terminals

Status at the terminal and mediation scheduled with the Dockworkers Union, sec 4

The partial lock-out commenced Friday May 19, 2017 at 16:00 as no solution could be reached with the Swedish Dockworkers Union, section 4 (SDU). Since then we have had limited operation at the terminal to the opening hours 7:00 – 16:00.

For each area of the terminal it summarizes as follows;

Vessel – A reduced berth plan is in place and has been communicated to the vessel operators. We have fulfilled the plan in full.

Rail way – A reduced rail plan is in place. Several changes have been necessary also due to limitations on the main railway system on. We operate as planned.

Trucking grid – The reduced opening hours from 7:15 – 15:15 has been implemented. In general we turn trucks within the targeted 50 min.

Empty depot – We have experienced a rush at opening 7:15 on both Monday and Tuesday. This has resulted in longer queues than normal. We will do our utmost to limit the queues in the coming days, but somewhat longer handling time just after opening may be expected.

Next steps
The Swedish National Mediation Institute have called for mediation Friday May, 26 or Wednesday May, 31. Both dates was accepted by APM Terminals. SDU could not attend on Friday May, 26, hence the mediation meeting will take place Wednesday May, 31.

Press conference with Ylva Johansson
The government is now taking action as requested by APM Terminals and Swedish Ports. During a press conference today May 23 with Ylva Johansson, Minister for Labor and Employment, it was announced that the government will appoint an Investigator who shall review the right to take industrial actions in situations where the employer already have a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Please refer for more details at the governments homepage where the following pressrelease is available.

More information can also be found in the pressrelease from Swedish Ports.

Best regards
APM Terminals Gothenburg


Escalated conflict in the port of GOothenburg

APM Terminals to impose partial lockout
APM Terminals Gothenburg will impose a partial lockout from May 19 until and including June 30, 2017, in response to industrial action. This is intended to protect the operation against the most recent threats of industrial action against the company by the Swedish Dockworkers’ Union, section 4. During the period of the lockout, APM Terminals Gothenburg will be able to offer only a limited daytime service to customers.

“We have done everything in the last year to solve the conflict with the Swedish Dockworkers’ Union, section 4, while making every effort to continue to meet our obligations towards our customers and owners. The steady deterioration in the situation cannot go on, and in order to protect the business APM Terminals Gothenburg is taking protective action against the latest series of planned industrial action”, says Henrik Kristensen, CEO of APM Terminals Gothenburg.

During the past six months, APM Terminals Gothenburg has seen productivity decline of approximately 20 percent of normal weekly capacity. This is equivalent to around 2,000 containers every week. As a consequence of this, the company has lost significant goods flows from a number of customers within the Swedish import and export industries. The terminal normally handles up to 10,000 containers per week, which represents approximately 50 percent of Sweden’s total container imports and exports volumes.

For over a year now, we have suffered from persistent blockades from the Swedish Dockworkers’ Union, section 4, opposing the use of overtime, use of pool workers outside daytime and recruitment of new employees. In parallel with this, we have worked with continuously high absence rates of around 25–30 percent every day. This is, of course, an unsustainable situation, as it is preventing us from running our business as our customers expects.

In 2012, APM Terminals Gothenburg was chosen by Göteborgs Hamn AB to operate Gothenburg’s container terminal being a global company with the investment capacity and expertise to develop the terminal to improve Sweden’s long-term industrial competitiveness.

We see no alternative solution to this dispute other than a withdraw of current industrial actions and entering a long-term agreement including a period of time without any industrial actions. We also need an amendment of the legislation in such way that an employer who has a Collective Bargainig Agreement (CBA) cannot be subjected to blockades or other industrial action by a trade union, who does not hold a CBA.

Best regards
APM Terminals Gothenburg

This partial lockout will commence on May 19, 2017, at 4 pm and continue until midnight on June 30, 2017. During this period, our customers will be offered limited services. The terminal will be open on normal working weekdays from 7 am until 4 pm, as well as during normal opening hours over weekends.



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